About Amber biosciences

Amberbio app

Amber Biosciences has developed the Amberbio app for analysis and visualization of data sets.

Bioinformatics consulting

Amber Biosciences performs bioinformatics consulting with customers from both academia and the biotech sector.

Amber Biosciences was founded in 2008 as a bioinformatics consulting company by researchers from Lund University.


Amber Biosciences has developed Writeurl which is an online collaborative editor used by people all over the world to write documents.

Writeurl is available at Writeurl.


Amber Biosciences has developed Nosybee which is a web application used to conduct and analyze surveys.

Nosybee is available at Nosybee.

Who we are

Amber Biosciences was founded by Morten Krogh, Björn Canbäck, and Ann-Sofie Albrekt in Lund, Sweden. Later, Elias Moberger joined.

We have a background in programming, bioinformatics, physics, biology, mathematics and statistics.

How we work

We work interactively with our customers and try to listen to their needs.

We try to write simple code and minimize our dependence on third party code. Our preferred technologies include C, R, Swift, Javascript, Node.js, Nginx, HTML5, CSS3.

We strive to create functional and clean user interfaces.
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